Sunday School

Sunday School meets at 9:45 on Sunday mornings. We offer a wide range of classes for all age groups. Find one on the list below and join us this week!

Sunday School Classes

Adult Classes

Class: Faith & Family

Teacher: Mark Cunningham

Location: Life Center - Room 101

Class Description: For ages 30-45

Class: Mixed Blessings

Teacher: Jim Block

Location: The Life Center - Room 102

Class Description: Married & Single Men/Women, Ages 40-70 Years

Class: Scripture Memory & Bible Study

Teacher: George Kerce

Location: Life Center - Room 103

Class Description: For Everyone

Class: The Journey

Teacher: Sean & Danielle Beard

Location: Life Center - Room 105

Class Description: Middle Aged Couples With Young Families

Class: The "Now" Class

Teacher: Terry Dicks

Location: The Life Center - Room 106-107

Class Description: Mixture of Married & Unmarried Men and Women, Ages 40-70 + Years

Class: Mixed Adult Class

Teacher: Bob Wineburg

Location: Life Center - Room 108

Class Description: For Everyone

Class: The Extras

Teacher: Seth Carter

Location: Life Center - Room 110

Class Description: Single & Married Millennial's Class

Class: Disciples of Christ

Teacher: Steve Truluck

Location: Life Center - Room 111

Class Description: Mixed Class of Couples & Singles Covering Middle Age and Up

Class: Singles

Teacher: Ed & June Carter

Location: Life Center - Up Stairs

Class Description: Singles

Class: Charity

Teacher: Marcel Keen

Location: Conference room

Class Description: Ladies Class, Ages 60-80 Years

Class: The "Dorcas" Sunday School Class

Teacher: Peggy Carter

Location: Senior Center

Class Description: Senior Adult Ladies (Mostly), However We Welcome Ladies of All Ages

Class: Extreme Devotion

Teacher: Cheyenne Walker

Location: Life Center - Room 115

Class Description: Diverse Group of Ladies, Ages 20 & Up

Class: Truth Seekers

Teacher:  TBA

Location: Life Center - Room 104

Class Description: Ladies Class, Ages 60 & Up

Class: Nursery

Teacher: Director Brenda Rapp

Location: Nursery Building

Class Description: Infant - 5 Years Old

Class: G3 Youth

Teacher: David Baun

Location: G3 Building

Class Description: Middle School & High School

Children's Classes

Class: 1st - 2nd Grade Girls & Boys

Teacher:  Jessica Edenfield

Location: Kids Building

Class: 3rd - 4th Grade Boys

Teacher: John & Myrtle Kerce

Location: Kids Building

Class: 3rd - 5th Grade Girls

Teacher: Maria Cress

Location: Kids Building

Class: 5th Grade Boys

Teacher: Marty Martin

Location: Kids Building


Directed by Brenda Rapp, the nursery is offered for infants up to 5-year-olds.