Sunday School

Sunday School meets at 9:45 on Sunday mornings. We offer a wide range of classes for all age groups. Find one on the list below and join us this week!

Sunday School Classes

Adult Classes

Faith & Family (Couples) taught by Mark Cunningham in Room 101 in the Life Center

The Extras (Mixed) taught by Seth Carter in Room 102 in the Life Center

Scripture Memory taught by George Kerce in Room 103 in the Life Center

Senior Adult Ladies taught by Alice Mangle in Room 104 in the Life Center

Basics of Discipleship taught by Sean and Danielle Beard in Room 105 in the Life Center

Married Adults taught by Terry Dicks in Room 106 in the Life Center

Extreme Devotion taught by Cheyenne Walker in Room 115 in the Life Center

Mixed Ages Adults taught by Bob Wineburg in Room 10 in the Life Center

Mixed Blessings taught by Jim Block in Room 110 in the Life Center

Disciples of Christ (Mixed, Senior Adults) taught by Steve Truluck in Room 111 in the Life Center

College Class taught by Lloyd & Sandra Peterson in Room 112 in the Life Center

Singles Class taught by Ed Carter in Room 202 in the Life Center

Dorcas (Senior Ladies) taught by Peggy Carter in the Senior Center

Senior Men taught by Cledas Dicks in the Senior Center

Charity taught by Marcel Keen in the Senior Center

Youth Classes

Middle School Girls taught by Lonnie Boozer & Janette Roberts in the G3 Student Center

Middle School Boys taught by David Boozer & Caleb Roberts in the G3 Student Center

High School Girls taught by Angela Johnson in the G3 Student Center

High School Boys taught by Brian Dicks & Kevin Roberts in the G3 Student Center

Children's Classes

Grades 1-5 take place in the Kidz Building. Check into the lobby and we'll be happy to show you to your children's classes. 


Directed by Ms. Reba Lee, the nursery is offered for infants up to 5-year-olds.