Here at Hopeful Baptist Church, our children's safety is the highest of priorities. By protecting our children ,we believe that we are also protecting the families here at Hopeful. It because we believe that, we have a structured way of providing for them. EVERY volunteer and / or teacher submits to a federal background check and committing to a check in process which enables us to know where everyone is located and whom they are with.

Service Times & More

Sunday Morning Kids Church

8:30 and 11:00 in the Kids' Building

Sunday School Classes

9:45 in the Kids' Building. See a detailed schedule of all the Sunday School classes we offer here.

Wednesday Night: AWANA

6:15 in the Life Center

Children church

April 2018  / Road Trip

God is patient. Why? Well, because God is in control and He knows how the story ends. Because of Jesus’ sacrifice, we know how the story ends, too. Because of Jesus, WE CAN WAIT. We can trust that God is in control. We can have hope that things will work out in the end. And we can be patient because we know all that God has done. Patience is a reflection of the character of God.

May 2018 / Source Code

Behind all your favorite websites and search engines you’ll find a group of programmers who sit at their computer screens and type in letters, numbers, and symbols that might seem like complete gibberish to the unknowing eye. But all those characters, in the correct sequence, give us access to the world, make it possible to edit digital photos, and stream our favorite YouTube® videos. But when one of those characters is out of place, when the source code lacks integrity, the site crashes and no one has time for that! The same is true of our life. We have a source code for how we interact with the world built on honesty and integrity. How we live our life matters. That’s why as we talk about what it means to live with honesty, we’re taking kids on a coding adventure where they can realize a life built upon what God wants will help keep them from making mistakes that could cost them.

June 2018 / Amped

Are you AMPED? You can live fully alive with confidence when you believe what God says is true.

Sunday School  k-5

With Hands-On Bible Curriculum, kids experience the powerful connections between Scripture and everyday life by engaging all five of their senses. The Bible comes alive! Jesus was the master at using creative objects—like coins, fish, and lilies—to connect eternal truths to everyday life.